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Nottingham RICS Surveyors independent expert report for County Court CPR 35 on a recovered roof that still leaked after £12000.00 of expenditure due to cowboy builders.

General view of the roof

A general view of the type of property. The propery probably needed the felt on the dormers replacing and the undersheet replacing at the bottom edge of the tiles. Instead the owner  was persuaded to have the roof completely recovered using the existing sixty year old tiles that may be life expired.


Surveyors report on defective tiles

Note the sag on the heavy unsupported lead and poor fitting over the tiles. The lead at the side of the chimney has been weighed in at the scrap yard and replaced with cheap aluminium tape.


RICS Surveyors report for court

 More missing lead. The aluminium tape is a poor substitue for the lead. The gaps at the tile edges will make a nice home for birds or wasps.


Surveyors expert witness report

The tile is already slipping as it has not been nailed.


The almost flat roof has edges on all sides and will accululate water. The only means of escape is the small openings connected to the gutter by aluminum tape as the roof edge has not been constructed to allow the gutter to sit under it. The tape will last a few months making the gutter useless. The deck was not nalied down and debirs had been left under the butyl.

Leicester surveyors report

The bottom two tiles sag suggesting that the battens have been cut short.

RICS Surveyors report for court

 This is where the so called roofer came through the dormer roof

Surveyors expert witness report

The valley edge mortar is missing and a tile sags. The new valley bottom is cut short of the section that it is supossed to sit over below

ridge and valley

Hole between the valley and ridge. The is no evidence of any metal weather poofing 'saddle' where the gable roof buts into the main roof. The mortar joint is likely to fail and water will run down the main roof and into the gable.

ridge fixing

Untidy plastic projecting


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