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Nottingham Surveyors found bloked air bricks on this Nottingham Building Survey 25/11/2015

This property has suspended timber ground floors. The construction of the conservatory has blocked important underfloor vents. Poor ventilation encourages damp and decay. Dry rot which is very destructive particularly likes still damp conditions.



Nottingham Surveyors found movement of a conservatory on a Nottingham Homebuyers Survey 16/11/2015

The base of this conservatory has fractured away from the house as it has been pulled away from the house by the plastic frame as it has expanded. The movement is unlikely to progress. It could have been prevented by setting the conservatory frame slightly away from the face of the house.



Nottingham Surveyors find external insualtion on a Nottingham Property Survey

The extensive projection of the rendered wall beyond the face of the chimney is due to this solid walled house having been clad in external insulation and then rendered. The alternative is to line interior of these solid wall house which causes great disturbance and takes up living space.

Nottingham surveyors see external insualtion on Nottingham House Survey

Surveyors Nottingham find damp during a Nottingham Building Survey

In this instance the cause is likely to be condensation. It is a corner of a room behind furniture where air cannot circulate well. The ragged pattern of the dampness rising very high only in the corner of the wall is also consistent with condensation. Rising damp tends to rise to an even height and produces a horizontal tide mark.

Nottingham Surveyors find condesnation stain on a Nottingham Building Survey

Chartered Surveyors Nottingham find deadly window openers on a Nottingham house survey 

First floor bedroom and living room windows like these should be replaced with ones that have large openers which will allow escape in the event of a fire. You might think that you can smash a window to escape but with double glazing you need a heavy headed object and will have to swing very hard.

Nottingham Surveyors find dangerous windows in a Nottingham House Survey

Nottingham Surveyors find Damp Skirting boards

The moisture meter gave quiet a high reading when pushed into this skirting board, but not the face of the wall. In such instances the problem can often be resolved by chopping a small section of plaster out from behind the skirting board to ensure that it cannot absorb moisture from the tiny gap between the wall and solid floor slab. However not worth doing unless affecting the wall or rotting the skirting board. The pipe is this instance would make the task more difficult.

Nottinghanm Surveyors find damp skirting boards

Dangerous consumer unit found on Nottingham Building Survey.

This is modern consumer unit. The green strip along the bottom tells us that all circuits have RCD protection. The problem however is that the space cover is missing from the left-hand side probably due to the casing being broken. Small or clumsy fingers could touch live parts.

 Surveyors Nottingham find dnagerous consumer unit on Nottingham Homebuyers Survey

Nottingham Concrete Box Gutters

As well as being unsightly the joints of these gutters are prone to fracturing allowing water to seep in to the head of the wall. They cross the wall completely and are very cold causing condensation at the head of the window. There have also sunk as the replacement windows have not been strong enough to support them.

 Surveyors find concrete box gutters

Nottingham chartered surveyors found these blocked air bricks on a Nottingham property survey.

The bricks are essential to allow a flow of air under the floor removin dampness. Dampness encourages beetles and decay. Dry rot particuarly likes still damp conditions and is very destructive.

Nottingham chartered surveyors found these blocked air bricks on a Nottingham property survey.

Nottingham Surveyors find damp and uneven quary tiles on a Nottingham House Survey

The quarry tiles are uneven as their sand or ash base has compacted with eighty years of use. The joints of these tiles are usualy damp and best kept uncovered and well vented to remove the dampness.

Nottingham Surveyors find damp and uneven quary tiles on a Nottingham House Survey

Our Nottingham surveyors invite you to try using these steps in the dark! They were discovered on a Nottingham Homebuyers Survey.

 Our Nottingham surveyors invite you to try using these steps in the dark! They were discovered on a Nottingham Homebuyers Survey.

These rails were discovered during the survey of a Nottingham House by Surveyors Nottingham. The spacings are wider than the 100mm building regualtion requirement and children are prone to trapping themselves.

 Notingham Surveyors find dangerous rails on a Nottingham Property Survey

Tree roots seen on a Nottingham House Survey

These tree roots will have found their way through one of the joints on these old clay pipes. The joints are britle and easily fractured by minor ground movements. Modern clay pipes come in much longer sections and the joints have more ability to move slighty whilst remaining intact. At this stage this root infestation should be easy to remove. It is thus worth wile checking your drians once a year or so ensue that their are no invaders.

Tree roots seen on a Nottingham House Survey

Nottingham Surveyors discover a missing gas seal 

This gas meter cupboard has a missing seal which looks like putty or plasticine where the gas supply pipe passes though the wall of the house.  A similar missing seal caused a house at Derby to blow up. Engineers working on the mains supply had damaged the pipe. Gas was able to seep between the pipe and a sleeve and up into the gas box of the house at Derby and then on into the house.

Nottingham Surveyors discover defective gas meter.

Defective Chimney found by our Nottingham Surveyors

The lost brick faces and pointing are usually due to frost expanding within moisture laden bricks or cement when thawing and forcing the surface off.

Encouraged on the line of chimneys due to acid laden condensates soaking into the brickwork over time. Some times the bricks are so badly eroded that they have holes in or only the outside face remains and a screwdriver can be poked through the face into the flue. Our surveyors always advise that old flues should have a liner inserted before use.

Old Chimney found on a Nottingham House Survey

Corrosion noticed by our surveyors during a Nottingham house survey

The rust is caused by corroding steel beads that are set in the render to give it a sharp edge. Unfortuantey the surevyor can only recommend chopping them out competely and insert new beads. It the becomes necessary to paint the whole wall to get a satisfactory finish.

Rusting Metal on a Nottingham Property

Damp Floor noted during a Nottinghamshire Homebuyers Survey

Lifting thermoplastic tiles are often caused by dampness. It is worth lifting up an edge to see what is underneath. In this case there appeared to be an impervious membrane under these tiles suggesting that they are lifting due to poor bonding or a water spillage. Thermoplastic tiles can also contain asbestos as can many plastics. However the asbestos is well bound into the tiles and they can be disturbed if wearing a mask.

Damp Floor noted on a Nottingham House Buyers Survey

Nottingham RICS Surveyors find sinking brickwork

The brickwork has fractured becasue it is sinking. The window frame is of insufficient strength to support the brickwork properly without the addition of a steel lintel. This is a common problem in Nottingham properties where the original steel and timber window frames have been replaced.

Fractured Brickwork Nottingham Homebuyers Survey

Nottingham surveyors find Potential squatter in door way

This spider was noted lurking in a door way of a surevy in Nottingham waiting for an oportunity to sneak in as soon as it turns a bit colder.

Nottingham surveyors find a spider on a Nottingham Buidling survey

Nottingham Wasps nests discovered by our Chartered Surveyors during a Nottingham Homebuyers Survey.

These are only small examples, completed ones can be about as big as a football. They are no harm to the property and can be left unharmed unless the wasps are actually causing a nuisance, although most people never know that they have been there. The become extinct in winter and the Queen moves on. 

Nottingham surveyors discover a bees nest

Homebuyers survey in Nottingham reveals corroding pipe.

Chartered Surveyors Nottingham discovered this heating pipe during a homebuyers survey in Nottingham. Our surveyors noted that the pipe might be subject to corrosion due to chemicals in the concrete floor attacking the copper. This can also affect metal gas pipes which if discovered should be re-routed.

Leaking pipe seen by Nottingham Surveyors

Surveyors discover missing earth on Nottingham light fitting.

A Homebuyers Survey and Report by our Nottingham Chartered Surveyors noted a missing earthing wire in Nottingham. The terminal towards the bottom of the picture should have a cable with green and yellow sleeve connecting back to an earth. Lack of earthing makes it dangerous to use metal light fittings or switches and is likely to be indicative the the system is dated or installed by an amateur.

Surevyors notice defective earthing in a Nottingham House Survey

Chartered Surveyors Nottingham came across this original 1960's door on a Homebuyers Survey in Nottingham.

Unfortunately the glass was not toughened and posses a risk to anybody falling against it. All glass doors and glass panels below 80cm from the floor fitted in properties today have to have toughened glazing panels.

Dangerous glass found by Nottingham surveyors

Japanese Knotweed discovered by Chartered Surveyor in Nottingham.

Imported for its pretty appearance but not appreciated by mortgage lenders due to its ability if accidently covered over to grow through the structure of buildings. If this is in evidence on the plot of, or near a newly built property there is no need to call a surveyor, just but another house! The clump was spotted by one of our Nottingham Chartered Surveyors on the Homebuyers Survey of a house in Nottingham but was not likely to be a threat has it had spread from nearby land since the house was constructed.

Chartered Surveyors Nottingham find Japanese Knotweed

Damged Lead discovered on a Nottingham House Survey

Nottingham Surveyors discovered this damaged lead covering on a Nottingham Homebuyers Survey. It could only be seen from on top of the garage roof. The badly decayd edge of the timber deck suggests that nobody had bothered to check this area for many years. It is thus well worth checing over out of sight areas once a year or so.

 Damged Lead discovered on a Nottingham House Survey

Fractured Flat Roof discovered during a Nottingham house survey by our Nottingham Property Surveyors

The fractures need to be repaired to stop water ingress and also to ensure that the reinforcing steel can not corrode. Corroding steel expands by up to five times its original size and can force off the concrete destoying the roof.





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